Another winner from TED

I downloaded several of the TED talks. I find most of them inspiring, elevating, filled with hope and possibilities.

Great food for thought. Guylaine and I often have passionate discussions after listening to one of the videos.

I do recommend this one as well. Barry Schwartz makes very good points. I am a believer in the “Vivere Parvo” motto (Live with Simplicity would be a more proper translation today than Live in Poverty – the literal translation). I have seen with my own children that an almost infinite number of choices in our society does not create more happiness. I have also seen in impoverished Nicaragua in Central America that too little choices is also NOT a recipe for happiness. There is a balance to reach – and we certainly have not found it yet. Half the world suffers from “too much” while the other half has “too little’ How about re-distributing wealth?…

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