Five Big Questions

Already in 2007

As usual when a new year emerges I spend time reflecting on my life, my relationships, my health, my future, etc. This year is somewhat different. I don’t know if it is because I turned 55, or if it is because I have grand-children or if the State of the World demands it, but I couldn’t really think much about my little self. I am concerned about the future of humanity, the future of Life as we know it. I think about the vanishing of many species every year. I think about the billions of years (sorry creationists!) it took for Nature to manifest this extraordinary biodiversity and the delicate balance of fragile ecosystems on our little planet. Then I think about pollution, global warming, wars, anger, fear…

So I ended up asking myself different questions this year. While I was surfing the web, I noticed a set of questions on the Metacool blog. I modified them a little bit and built a questionnaire with the following five big questions:

What is the most pressing problem to solve globally? Why?

What is the most pressing problem to solve locally, in your own surroundings? Why?

Your biggest fear about the future? Why?

Three global leaders who will set next decade’s course? Why?

What is most important in life for you personally?

I would really like to know your answers…

Cliquez ici si vous préférez la version française.

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