Who buys our royalty free music?

Francois (my son) and I are the owners of a Royalty Free Music website. People often ask us this question: who buys your music at Premiumbeat.com? The answer is multiple. We’ve sold music to people and businesses in more than 40 countries on all 5 continents.

Our clients are web designers, flash developers, video producers, photographers, business people, website owners, shop owners… Our music has been used for TV shows and advertising, for websites, videos and audio books. It has been heard in school projects, at Film Festivals, on radio stations and on YouTube. It has been used for meditation CDs, yoga instructions, poetry reading. For a Hip-Hop demo, for a wedding where the 2 people getting married wanted to go down the aisle with a specific piece of country music. It has been used for games on line and off-line. For downloadable software, music-on-hold, background music in a shop, e-cards, elearning programs and documentaries.

I am sure there is a lot more. Royalty Free Music can be used whenever there is a need for music beyond private use such as at home or in your car or on your IPod. It’s a simple, easy and affordable way to get legally access to quality music for any project.

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