Konishiki Hand Print / Sumo wrestler

Konishiki handYes I am a Sumo wrestling fan, but I never took the opportunity to visit Japan and see it in person. I am not an expert at all, just a fan but I do own few videos of Sumo wrestling, magazines and taped TV reports of Sumo contests.

When my friend and colleague Larry Lieberman (now deceased) came back from a visit to Japan in the 90s, he gave me this preciously wrapped hand print from Konishiki, a huge (600 + pounds) Sumo wrestler originally from Hawaii. Konishiki has always been one of my favorite guys, a hero of mine. In spite of his massive structure, he is a real sweet guy, sensitive and expressive – “qualities” that are not always appreciated in a traditional Japanese event like Sumo wrestling. That may be why I like him so much. He dares to be different. He has retired from wrestling in 1997 but remains a strong and somewhat controversial personality in the world of Sumo.

So, recently when another dear friend of mine, Arthur Robbins, sent me a 2004 picture reminding me that Konishiki has been married for more than 2 years now it made me very joyful and in my own small way I wish them both many more years of happiness.

Konishiki weds

From a BBC report in 2004

Japan sumo star weds
Japan’s heaviest ever sumo wrestler, Hawaii-born Konishiki, has married his girlfriend of two years, a former medical worker. Konishiki registered his marriage to 28-year-old Chie Iijima on Wednesday, his talent agency said. The couple appeared at a press conference on Monday to announce the news.

The former wrestler, 40, is famous for becoming the first ever foreigner to attain the sport’s second-highest rank of ozeki.

Since retiring from sumo in 1997 he has worked as a TV celebrity.

During his sumo career, Konishiki weighed a massive 275kg.

4 responses to “Konishiki Hand Print / Sumo wrestler

  1. Heck yeah! konishiki is my favorite too!

  2. how much are these worth in american money today?

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