Now – That’s Funny!

Many moons ago my friend Art introduced me to the humorous work of Richard Lederer.

I recently received a monthly Canadian newsletter from a special interest group. One of the member, Nicky Kew, has worked as a medical transcriptionist for 20 years. She used to simply edit the “bloopers” done by the doctors over their dictations but in 1998 she met Richard Lederer and realised she should start collecting them.

Here are some examples:

– At the moment of impact his foot popped off the brake pedal and rolled across two lanes of traffic and started going up a hill opposite.

– In the past she has also had breast implants which appear to be in good shape.

– He presents as a very bright boy of about average intellect.

– A complete psychoeducational report shows problems with inattentiveness, listening, following instructions, organizing tasks and activities, sustaining mental effort, forgetfulness, careful mistakes and distractibility.

– She has never been married and I think was divorced.

– The neck pain is in her neck.

– Past history includes puberty and back surgery.

– This lady returned to the office today. She was surprised, as you and I were, that her prostate is enlarged on a recent CT scan.

– There is no other elements sleep disturbance and this young man reports that he is waking refreshed from school.

– He sleeps relatively well although occasionally he wakes up with a toothache in his back.

– Patient required coaxing to illicit range of movement.

– On examination, the testicles and penises are normal.

Whew!  I finally wrote them down. I was laughing so hard that tears were making my vision blurry!

One response to “Now – That’s Funny!

  1. Lawl, nice. Those were fairly amusing.

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