Sumo Wrestlers Testicles?

I am not making this up. Once in a while I look at the statistics section of my WordPress Blog. It tells me which words or sequences of words were actually googled to get to my Blog.

Usually I recognize the topics immediately and they make sense: Land Art, Nature, Music, Nutrition, Alternative medicine, Ecology, etc.

Sometimes it is a little more cryptic. Someone wrote 770 X 1440 and landed on my site??? I tried googling it myself and my blog does not show up at all – indeed why would it?

But “Sumo Wrestlers Testicles” is clearly the most bizarre keywords I have seen on my Blog! What were they expecting? Weird gigantic testes pictures? Why would someone actually search for that???

I bravely googled it myself and all I found was a comment about a camera lens: “The lens retracts into the body, a bit like a Sumo wrestlers testicles.” Nothing about my Blog – unsurprisingly. Although I did write a post about a Sumo Wrestler. (Hmmm … First let me make sure I did not mention his testicles…)

What did the person mean with “retracts in the body”? I wasted no time to research this delicate subject. If you really REALLY want to know more about this most important life transforming topic please go immediately to: Do sumos really retract their testicles into their bodies?

You can thank me later for adding to your education. Just think you could have gone to sleep tonight not even knowing about this. Actually if you have read that far, you probably are suffering from insomnia and it wouldn’t apply to you but you know what I mean – right?

3 responses to “Sumo Wrestlers Testicles?

  1. What’s funny, is of course, I googled “sumo wrestlers testicles” since I wanted to find out if it’s true about retraction but ended up here.

  2. i dont agree at all
    in fact the reason i was looking for information about Sumo Wrestlers’ bollocks is because we were discussing this at lunch and a freind said that on occaions, his balls has retracted into his body – another guy concurred that this had happened to him.
    well…never having suffered this trauma I felt compelled to look for more information in case my balls ever retracted into my body

    quite normal to want to understand how your balls might end up retracting into your body – if you have bollocks im surprised you dont want to know about 🙂

  3. It is entirely plausible and physiologically possible:
    and read all about it.
    I can do it too and do so when I go cycling to protect the “crown jewels” from becoming pulverised meatballs – no shit.
    But I cannot do it involuntarily – there are hands involved.

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