How To Repair a Butterfly Wing

I have seen lots of butterflies with damaged wings – especially in the late summer like now –  but it never occurred to me that one could actually repair these wings!

We may argue this is not a good idea from an evolutionary perspective and that butterflies or other animals with damaged parts are just part of life and should be left alone. It still is fascinating to see how easily it is done with material most of us already have in our homes.

5 responses to “How To Repair a Butterfly Wing

  1. That is amazing. I rescue snakes from the roads here in AZ and some people don’t understand “why” I save snakes. Their fear of snakes can fog their judgement of the value of life to any creature. I ask them to call me before ever hurting a snake of lizard and also to STOP USING GLUE TRAPS OUTSIDE the home, as they kill indescriminately. It’s more than just survival of the fittest. It’s doing our part to preserve what we have for future generations. It’s also about doing whats right even when noone is watching.
    Keep smiling

  2. So, where exactly do you get additional butterfly wings?

  3. I recently found a butterfly with a tattered wings. Luckily I found some butterfly wings on ebay!

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