At The Farmers Market Today

In spite of daily rain in Mont-Saint-Hilaire this summer, strawberries are exceptionally sweet and colorful this year. We bought two large trays this afternoon and Guylaine is transforming some of these wonderful little fruits into a strawberry shortcake as I am writing this. The house smells great!



The first harvest of corn is already out as well. The kernels are small with this early variety but the taste is surprisingly satisfying. When I traveled in Central America, I had the opportunity to eat red, blue, green, white, yellow, purple, dwarf, gigantic, sweet, hard, soft… corn cooked in myriad of ways – boiled, roasted with salt and lime, in soups, as a cream for breakfast , as tortillas, tostadas, delicious tamales, etc. It is such a versatile grain. Here in North America  we almost only eat the corn-on-the-cob varieties.  We ate a dozen ears for dinner – well actually 11 ears. Someone stole the twelfth one…


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