25% of all our Royalty Free Music sales to go to the Haiti Red Cross Relief Fund

This week Premiumbeat.com will be sending 25% of all sales occurring between Monday the 18th and Friday the 22nd of January inclusively to the Haiti Red Cross Relief Fund.

UPDATE: We are extending our campaign to include all sales Saturday and Sunday up to 18:00 EST

Photo Credit: American Red Cross/Talia Frenkel --- Haitian Red Cross volunteer Jean Zacharie delivers first aid to 1 month old - Deborah Fatima, whose mother died in quake.

Good news! The Canadian Government has agreed to match our donation – in effect doubling the amount we will be contributing. This means that 50% of your purchase amount will be made available to the Haiti Red Cross Fund.

What’s happening in Haiti is a distressing tragedy. We at Premiumbeat.com, owners and composers together, are happy to help with this modest but heartfelt effort.

Thank you for choosing our music – this week especially it means a lot to us and it will make a difference in the lives of many.

Francois Arbour and Gilles Arbour

Other ways to help

You can also contribute directly to any organization of your choice. Please make sure the organization is legitimate and your donation will be use to serve the people of Haiti. There are many other wonderful and caring organizations but we feel very safe in recommending the following:


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