The 12 Days of Christmas

I gave a ride to my friend Ode to the Hospital few days ago. She needed an orthopedic test for her shoulder. I was in the waiting area and couldn’t help but notice how sad and tired everyone looked. (Yes I know – it’s a Hospital not a Dance Club). After a while I started to space out, kind of lost in my own thoughts, and out of the blue I began to whistle The 12 Days of Christmas. Silly me. Christmas is long gone.  It was hot that day, in fact we had record breaking heat for Quebec in March. An older lady in front of me smiled and said. “Thank you for bringing Joy here today” That’s when I realized I was actually whistling a Christmas tune! I was very embarrassed but one hour later when Ode was ready to go back home the lady was still smiling. She looked at me with a big YES nod as I was leaving. If I was  a poet I would write an Ode to Silliness.

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